When I was in need of some high level training in MSK ultrasound, I had the good fortune to come across the name of Veronica Hernandez. After contacting Veronica we worked out a plan for her to conduct some very intensive one-on-one training. Veronica displayed an amazing amount of flexibility to tailor to my needs and my level of knowledge. Once in the training session it was apparent that Veronica was extremely knowledgeable and had a very effective process for conveying the information to me. The level of hands-on training she provided has aided me far beyond my hopes. I would highly recommend Veronica to anyone in search of the highest level of training in MSK ultrasound and will certainly call on her again for future needs.


Sonographer, RDMS

I took an ultrasound course from Veronica in 2009. She was instrumental in helping me to understand MSKUS of the upper extremity, especially the shoulder. She was instrumental in helping me to obtain the RSMK credentials from ARDMS. My MSKUS practice was subsequently received accreditation in Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound and later in USG Interventional from the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM). I would strongly recommend Veronica as a teacher of MSKUS


MD, RMSK, Rheumatologist Hand Center Of Louisiana

Veronica consistently delivers high quality musculoskeletal ultrasound images. She integrates clinical information and investigates methodically. Her written conclusion is included in the report.


MD, Henry Ford Hosptial Bone Radiology

Veronica Hernandez has been a repeat instructor at the Cooper University Hospital CME-sponsored musculoskeletal ultrasound courses, and is highly regarded as one of the most knowledgeable, most approachable, most thorough, and one of the best all-around quality instructors that we have had. Every time I hear her speak, I learn something new, and I have been practicing musculoskeletal ultrasound for over 8 years. She has the ability to take students through a standardized and consistent scanning approach with every joint in the body. Musculoskeletal ultrasound is not just about taking one static image and moving on, and Veronica is exceptional when it comes to examining joints thoroughly, by taking the probe and scanning the entire area. She also is better than most when it comes to incorporating dynamic imaging to fully understand the pathology behind any particular problem area. I recommend her highly!


DO, Division Head- Rheumatology -Cooper University Hospital-Camden, New Jersey

Veronica, is an extremely knowledgeable instructor and provides rigorous course work in musculoskeletal ultrasound. The course is both clinically oriented as well as helpful to those interested in research. I would encourage sonographers and physicians to consider Veronica’s courses, in order to perfect their MSK scanning skills.



Veronica at Great Lakes MSK US, is hands down one of the best MSK Sonographer Instructors. Her in-office training brought both my diagnostic and interventional ultrasound skills to the next level. Since it is in your office, you get the added benefit of using your own machine and tailoring the program to areas that you feel you need more instruction. I cannot recommend her training enough; if you utilize MSK sonography in your office and want to feel confident in your diagnostic and interventional skills, you need Veronica Hernandez to train you.


DO, Pain Management Village Osteopath

I attended a Great Lakes Musculoskeletal Ultrasound 2 day one-on-one course and could not be more pleased with the experience! I am a primary-care-fellowship-trained sports medicine physician who had US training in an emergency room setting but needed to advance my knowledge to include orthopedic applications. Veronica tailored her one-on-one course to suit my level of training and allowed me to advance my knowledge to incorporate my musculoskeletal interest and needs. The course far exceeded my expectations and I have recommended her course to numerous other physicians who are seeking Musculoskeletal US training. Veronica is a wonderful host and a patient, knowledgeable instructor. If you desire one-to-one Musculoskeletal Ultrasound instruction Great Lakes MSK US course cannot be beat!


MD, Sports Medicine And Regenerative Orthopedic Specialist, Bluetail Medical Group

Comments about my training… I just wanted to say the Great Lakes Musculoskeletal program is awesome. I attended knowing nothing about musculoskeletal imaging and within a few hours—I learned the shoulder anatomy as well as how to scan it. Veronica really took the time to teach, explain, and cater to my level of understanding. She went the extra mile to make sure I understood book knowledge as well the imaging portion. I’ve been an ultrasound technologist for over 15 years and was IMPRESSED with the expertise, experience, and professionalism provided at the conference. I HIGHLY recommend it to doctors and technologists—YOU will learn musculoskeletal ultrasound!


SMSgt, USAF Superintendent, Diagnostic Imaging Flight

Veronica has thorough and extensive knowledge in musculoskeletal ultrasound. Her one-to-one course is a must for anyone serious about incorporating musculoskeletal ultrasound in their clinical practice. The course is well organized, well taught, intense and maximizes the time learning scanning techniques which allows to shorten the learning curve necessary for gaining competency in scanning techniques and protocols.


MD. Rheumatology

I have been to about 5 US courses and lectures at professional conferences. Veronica’s course was far more superior and educational experience. I will take the course again some day. Thank you!


MD. Physical Medicine & Rehablitation

Reasons why learning from Veronica at her ultrasound studio is better then a seminar. Veronica is an accomplished sonographer. She will not only teach you ultrasound basics, she will teach you how to scan. She is extremely knowledgeable about the anatomy and how it looks on the screen. She understands how the body moves and she is masterful at real time scanning. She is extremely patient. She’s able to allow you to scan something over and over until you get it. She will show you sample images of normal anatomy and then abnormal anatomy in order to understand pathology. You can ask as many questions as you’d like and she will answer every single one to the best of her knowledge or she can look it up in one of her many resources. Before I went to Houston, I would dread the words, “we’re going to ultrasound the shoulder” but after some intense training with Veronica, I get excited about finally seeing all the images that I went over and over scanning with her. Thank you Veronica! You’re the BEST!


Student Sonographer, The Arthritis Center


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